You pick the foundation that most favors your skin tone, the lipstick that fits your current look and gives a sparkle to your smile, the eyeliner that enhances your gaze… and when it’s time to remove your make-up, just any old thing? Noooooooo!!!

Everything you do to make your skin look and feel perfect, today and for a long time to come, counts. That’s why Comodynes has prepared the perfect solution for you to remove your make-up. Yes, yes, for you, for you and for you too. For everyone.

Comodynes make-up removing towelettes are not just simple wet wipes you rub over your face and that’s that. They have been specifically formulated to provide you maximum safety and effectiveness when caring for your skin.

We could add all kinds of words that often don’t even ring a bell but are supposed to impress us: hypo-allergenic, paraben-free, no coloring, dermatologically, clinically and micro-biologically tested, 100% biodegradable… and all that is true, but we’d rather just share our secret with you.

You will also be a fan of micelles because their structure acts as a magnet attracting dirt away from the skin, leaving it perfect when you remove your make-up.

The secret of Comodynes

Our entire range of Make-up remover towelettes incorporates a new micellar formula that provides maximum make-up removing efficiency, coupled with maximum dermal and ocular tolerance.

Micellar formula? What’s that? A micelle is a unique spherical chemical structure with the ability to attract water at one end and repel it at the other. How does this work on your skin? Very simple, like a magnet it can attract fats and waxes from the skin, emulsifying and removing them, trapping all the dirt inside of itself.

This favors a quick and easy application that cleans effectively without the need for rinsing, and is very kind to our skin. You can even apply it to your eyelids and lips.

But that’s not all, because our make-up remover towelettes provide you with 3-in-1 facial hygiene. The action of the milk, tonic and eye make-up remover is brought together in a single step.

In addition to the micellar formulation we have explained, Comodynes Make-up Removers have other common elements that promote the elimination of secretions, impurities and make-up traces without drying out the skin. They also help retain water in the epidermis, keeping your skin soft and moisturized while clearing pores and soothing.

Plus, of course, Comodynes offers you a specific Make-up Remover for each skin type, with a special ally that strengthens its qualities.

For normal skin, mallow extract leaves it perfectly conditioned, thanks to its soothing, antiseptic, astringent and decongestive actions.

If you have dry skin, oat extract will leave it luxuriously soft and deeply moisturized. Plus, with the antioxidant power of the pink lotus flower, we will reduce any irritation and itching sensations, enhancing softness and providing a soothing balm.

What about oily skin? If this is your type, green tea extract acts as a powerful antioxidant, stimulating the skin’s micro-circulation.

Ah, so you have sensitive skin… Well, of course we have not forgotten about you, quite the contrary. Our sensitive skin Make-up Remover incorporates marigold, St. John’s wort, chamomile, linden and cornflower. This set of plant-based active ingredients added to the formulation as Phytelene Complex will give you all the soothing, decongestive and stimulating properties of micro-circulation, meaning maximum comfort for even the most sensitive and reactive skin.

Do you just remove your make-up any old way, or do you care for your skin using Comodynes?

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