After Christmas holidays your schedule has been packed as if there were no tomorrow. Nevertheless, you do all you can because you’re a woman of resources. And, when the time comes to remove make-up, it’s Comodynes and good night!

Take care of your appearance, apply make-up so that nobody notices the effects from you moving at full-speed, and, when you finally remove your make-up, embrace your practical side.

There are days when you finish applying make-up in the elevator, when you arrive to work with your coffee cup in hand, you eat lunch in ten minutes while answering two emails, the phone doesn´t stop ringing, you book one meeting after another, and when you’re finally arriving at home … you´re texting to meet for drinks with friends.

Non-stop! You retouch your make-up a bit and then you´re back out the door! You don’t want to be the last to arrive. All for a good time with good company to end your busy day, which is always positive.

Phew, well, it went a little late, but it was worth it. There are things that charge your batteries more than an extra hour of sleep. Now, one minute with Comodynes and straight to sleep!


Your routine doesn’t stop even for a minute? At Comodynes, we are thinking of you as we have launched a Limited Edition format of our best-selling Make-up removers. Now available in oversize!

Well, in a “double” sized pack because you know that the size of our towelettes has not changed, as a single towelette is enough to complete your entire facial cleansing routine. With our pack of 40, you have enough to ensure no worries regarding your facial cleansing routine for many days.
What do you think about the idea? Will you embrace the 40’s?