“…The best I have used”
I purchased your product oats make up remover locally and have been unable to find the product (except on your website). I find it to be the best remover I have used.”
-M.G.H., Portland

“Cool things we had to stock up on”
Comodynes Convenient Cosmetics – wipes for all occasions to simplify your life. Now with Comodynes, you can excuse yourself to the ladies room and powder your nose and freshen up everywhere (and we mean everywhere). There are lady-like towelettes for under your arms (yes, deodorant towelettes), sunless tanning, skincare (for fatigued skin) and makeup removal. Just tuck in your purse and freshen up throughout the day. You will wonder how you ever did without!”
-Portland Picks

“I can take them anywhere…”
“..Not only do the sunless tanning and makeup remover towelettes smell fantastic, but they slip right in to my bum-belt that I use for travelling. I can spend several days in transit, meet my boyfriend at the airport, and still look & feel great!”
-Ellen Benton, via email

“They feel great…”
“I started using the aftersun towels to help cool down a sunburn, but found that they are a great aftershave as well. They feel grat and cool down my skin after a hard workout too.”
-Jake Burton, via email