Hottest Spring Haircolor Trends

Spring is in the air! We all want to change our looks to be a little more dramatic, some more than others. These spring hair trends range from being Blonde to a rich Brown color. Just because it’s spring, doesn’t mean you necessarily have to go lighter.¬†Check out some of today’s hottest trends on the hottest celebrity’s below.

Jennifer AnistonJennifer Aniston is always up to date on the latest trends, especially with her beautiful hair. I looooovvvveee this Honey Blonde hair color on her. With her low lights, it adds some dimension to it so its not so one dimensional.

Carrie UnderwoodAhh Carrie Underwood. Her Golden Blonde locks are always on point. I mean who doesn’t want long luxurious blonde hair?

Blake Lively

Let’s talk about Blake Lively’s Rose Gold hair. I’ve seen Rose Gold everywhere! It’s the hottest color trend going on right now. You will definitely need to go as light as your hair can go with out too much damage before attempting this beautiful color.

Emma StoneLittle Miss Emma Stone always looks gorgeous with her Copper colored hair. She’s naturally a blonde, but she wears this Copper really well. It’s almost as if this should have been her natural hair color, either way, she can pull off multiple colors flawlessly.

Ariana GrandeI’ve always really adored Ariana Grande’s bright Auburn hair. It’s a lovely mix of red and violet, her stylist did an amazing job on this hair color.

Mila Kunis

Chestnut brown is never a bad color in any season. Mila Kunis wears hers with some highlights to give her look some dimension. I say that this look is gorgeous on her. It definitely does not clash with her skin tone at all, if anything it brings out the beautiful color of her eyes. This hair color gives her a very exotic look.

Katy Perry

Of course I didn’t forget about Katy Perry’s bold Violet haircolor. There has been tons of talk about violet hair. For a “not natural” haircolor, it’s actually a beautiful color.

Nicole RitchieAnd let’s not forget about the less vibrant violet, although I still feel like this is pretty bold. Nicole Ritchie wears her Lavender hair perfectly. This color has been on the trend for a while now but now that the sun is out, everyone is back to looking at Lavender like it was the newest trend.

Now that you’ve seen the list of Spring Haircolor Trends. What would you do? I’m certainly trying to go lighter and bolder from my level 2 hair. Yes I know I speak hairstylist lingo, it’s what happens when you’re in cosmetology school. Let me explain, level 2 is the darkest of the dark you can go, also known as “black” or a very “dark brown”. I’m doing it in baby steps, to avoid damaging my hair a ton. So if you are deciding to go lighter, please go see a professional. Let them take care of your gorgeous hair.