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Paraben-free. Allergen-free fragrance. No added dyes. Not suitable for sensitive skin.

Dead skin? Large pores? Blemishes? This intensive facial peeling towelette with AHA eliminates impurities, clears blemishes and regulates skin tone, leaving skin soft and smooth, at any place and any time. 13% skin cell regeneration with the use of just one towelette.

  • Can be carried in your cosmetic case, purse, or weekend bag.

1 minute to a complete application
Use once or twice a week.

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Ready-to-go AHA peeling towelette renews, reduces imperfections, and smoothens out skin. A chemical peeling impregnated in a 100% natural fiber towelette carries out two types of exfoliation – chemical (Alpha-Hydroxide acids) and biological (enzymatic complex) which allow for a soft but effective exfoliation of the epidermis in just one step. As a result of this double-action exfoliation, blemishes are reduced, expression lines are softened and skin tone is evened out. The formula, with an AHA complex of 7.5% , consists of a mix of AHAs of fruit origin and Glycolic Acid (3.51%) combined with Arginine. Features a high skin tolerance and offers a powerful exfoliating action. The result is smooth and replenished skin. Deep chemical peeling exfoliation in just one easy step. Available in the most practical, compact format that exists in the market.


Apply at night onto clean, dry skin. Can be followed with your routine nightly moisturizer. We recommend using 2 towelettes per week on normal, oily and combination skin, and just one towelette per week for those who have dry and sensitive skin. When applying the product, slight skin redness may appear, which should disappear within a few minutes. If you experience excessive itchiness, immediately rinse off with water. Not recommended for usage during the summer or when suntanning.


Paraben-free. Allergen-free fragrance. No added dyes. Not suitable for sensitive skin.


Glyco-aha complex (7,5%) performs a chemical exfoliation as a result of the combination of fruits (passion fruit, lemon, grape and pineapple) and Glycolic Acid combined with Arginine, which has a powerful exfoliating action. This causes skin cell regeneration, reduces wrinkles and blemishes, evens skin tone and increases brightness.


A mix of extracts– pomegranate, fitoenzymes, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals which enhance the exfoliation process and the regeneration of skin cells. Also featuring a tripeptide encapsulated in liposomes, which imitates the natural process of skin shedding, weakening the link between the corneocytes and allowing for natural desquamation, favoring the process of exfoliation and skin regeneration.


The product´s exfoliating action is enhanced by this vitamin, which acts at the melanine synthesis level by diminishing the transference of melanasomes to keratinocytes. It typically associates with other depigmentation active ingredients with different action mechanisms, increasing its effectiveness. Unifies skin tone and increases the skin´s brightness.


Stimulates cellular metabolism, hydrates, nourishes, repairs and regenerates different skin structures.


Has a soft keratolytic action, favoring cell proliferation and the epithelization process which produces a soothing, calming effect.


Derivative of licorice with anti-inflammatory effects.

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