• Have a beauty ritual before you leave home? Use moisturizing cream? A concealer? A foundation? BB Color Skin Perfector 6 in 1: moisturizes, corrects imperfections, soothens, evens skin tone and acts as a highlighter with SPF. A great look in just one easy step.

    • You’ll never leave home without it. BB cream solution with multiple benefits.
    • Antioxidant protective action.
    • The equivalent of using 6 different products.

    2 minutes to a complete application
    1.35 oz. tube.
    Lasts 8 hours.

  • Bring out the best in you in just a few seconds. Does your skin show your tiredness and lack of sleep? The pocket treatment that combats dull, tired skin. Skin that’s ready for anything in just a few seconds.

    Paraben-free. Allergen-free perfume. No added dyes. Dermatologically tested.

    • Lifting effect without surgery.
    • Regenerating, moisturizing and firming action.
    • Results vary according to the number of sprays applied.
    • Super compact format.

    1 minute to a complete application
    .34 oz spray
    25 Applications

  • Allergen-free perfume. Dermatologically tested.

    Tired? Facing seasonal changes? Not getting enough sleep? Stressed? Smoking? If you answer yes to any of these questions, your skin is paying the price of your fast-paced life: it´s time to give it some extra energy.

    • Leaves skin radiant and glowing after 10 minutes.
    • Super compact format.
    • Application is fast and easy.

    10 minutes for a complete application
    Use once a week

  • Allergen-free perfume. Dermatologically tested.

    Problems in the T-zone? Is skin constantly shiny? Have oily skin? Acne? Achieve a clean matte-effect with the T-Zone Mask. Just 10 minutes a week to better-looking skin.

    • Eliminates excess oil and shininess.
    • Purifies skin and eliminates impurities.
    • Specifically formulated to target problem areas.
    • Super compact format.

    10 minutes for a complete application
    Use once or twice a week.